Repeal the Eighth Referendum took place in 2018

The Limerick Feminist Network is a Pro-Choice organisation and fully support the need to repeal the Eighth Amendment. We have an active and central role in the repeal movement in Limerick. We believe that everyone should have full bodily autonomy and the right to decide if, how or when they want to continue with a pregnancy. We believe that denying people access to free, safe and legal abortion is dehumanising and wrong. Everyone should have the right to unbiased information about contraception, abortion and maternity care. Not only does the Eighth Amendment prevent access to free, safe and legal abortion, it also restricts the choices pregnant people can make about the care and treatment they receive when continuing with a pregnancy.

In this section you will find:

  • Links to organisations that will give you support and information on abortion services
  • Repeal LK  / Limerick Together for Yes – formally Limerick Pro-Choice
  • Information on the upcoming abortion referendum
  • Information on how to register to vote or to check if you are registered
  • Pro-Choice activism can be tough so here you will find info on looking after yourself throughout the referendum campaign

To find details on upcoming Limerick Feminist Network meetings click here and for details on all other Pro-Choice and feminist events in Limerick and further afield click here.

The Limerick Feminist Network has a proud Pro-Choice history. We are a member of the National Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment and have been involved in a number of Pro-Choice campaigns and demonstrations both nationally and locally, including the Annual ARC March for Choice and Strike 4 Repeal. Many of our upcoming meetings will be dedicated to educating people on contraception, the confines of the Eighth Amendment and how to get involved in the Pro-Choice campaign in Limerick. We have an active and central role in the repeal movement in Limerick, this includes working as part of the Repeal LK / Limerick Together for Yes Campaign.

In 2016 we started to log of the best pharmacies to get the morning after pill in the Limerick area.  To view this information click here.

Our submission to the Citizens’ Assembly on the 8th Amendment can be found here: limerick-feminist-network-submission-to-the-citizens-assembly-on-article-40-3-3