Register To Vote

Find out if you are registered to vote or how you can register to vote below.


Can I vote in the upcoming abortion referendum?
If you are over the age of 18 and an Irish citizen you are eligible to vote.


How do I check if I am registered to vote?
To check that you are registered to vote in the upcoming referendum go to Check the Register. If your details are not there you will need to register.


How do I register to vote?
You need to fill out the RFA2 form. You can download the RFA2 form here or pick one up from your local post office, citizen’s advice centre or local authority (city or county council). Limerick City & County Council services and information can be found here. If you live outside Limerick you can find your local authority here.

Once this form is filled out you will need to bring it to a Garda Station to get it signed, be sure to bring your ID. When the form is signed and completed it must be returned to your local authority (city or county council) either in person on by post.


What if my details have changed?
If you registered to vote but your details have changed, such as your address, you will need to fill out the RFA3 form. The RFA3 form can be found here. This form will also need to be signed by a member of the Gardaí and sent to your local authority.


The annual electoral register deadline is in November – this is for all new voters and those who wish to change their details. However, it is possible to register on the Supplementary Register up to 14 working days before polling day. And if you turn 18 before polling day but after this cut off you can still register to vote. You will need to complete the steps above but you must also include a copy of your birth certificate. Further info can be found here.