Need an Abortion?

Here you will find links to organisations that provide people with support and information around abortion services and abortion pills.

All the organisations mentioned here are pro-choice and pro-abortion rights; this may seem obvious but it is important to note as there are many organisations that claim to help people with ‘crisis pregnancies’ but are really designed to try to convince people not to have a termination.

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Women Help Women
If you are up to 9 weeks pregnant and want an abortion we recommend contacting They are the best at helping women in this situation. They can provide access to abortion pills. The World Health Organization lists Mifepristone and Misoprostol, the medicines for abortion, on the list of essential medicines that should be available everywhere. For more information please click here.


Abortion Support Network
If you are over 9 weeks pregnant or want to travel to a country where abortion is legal, we advise contacting the Abortion Support Network. They are an organisation specifically dedicated to helping people from Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man travel to England for abortions. They have some funds which go towards financing travel and paying for the medical treatment itself, and they also provide information about which clinics are the easiest and cheapest to get to.  


Need Abortion Ireland
Need Abortion Ireland is also a great resource specifically for people in Ireland who need an abortion; they can provide extra care such as advising on how to get time off work, how to care for yourself and trying to make sure you are not alone during the abortion. They also provide a text support 00353 (0)894902517 (available 6pm – 9pm, 7 days a week) and email support service


Women on Web
Women on Web is a digital community of women who have had abortions and individuals and organisations that support abortion rights. Women on Web is an international collective that answers thousands of help-emails every day in many languages from women around the world. As Women on Web helps women in very many countries, there is no phone number to the help desk, but they will respond to every email and give support. Never hesitate to contact them at with all your questions, they are here to help.


These are all non-judgemental and non-intrusive services which will only ever ask appropriate and necessary questions and never try to sway your decision. They are there to provide you with information and help that is all. Please be wary of other organisations that do not trust your ability to make your own decision.

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