Meeting Rules

Everyone who attends our meetings are expected to adhere to the following rules…

The purpose of these rules are to insure that Limerick Feminist Network meetings are kept safe and supportive for all members.

  • Sexism, misogyny, racism, classism, ableism, ageism, transphobia, homophobia, slut shaming or victim blaming will not be tolerated.
  • Show respect at all times.
  • Everyone is given the opportunity to speak so please don’t take over the discussion, allow others to contribute.
  • Check your privilege and make space for people with a different lived experience from you.
  • We will not tolerate anyone playing ‘devil’s advocate’.
  • Cis men who identify as feminists/feminist allies are always welcome at our meetings. As cis men have many other spaces in the community where their voices are heard first and loudest we ask that they, respectfully, take a step back in our meetings. By this we mean that they are not the first people to ask questions, share opinions or start discussions. Of course contributions by cis men are welcome but women and people from groups who experience oppression or marginalised should and will be given preference in addressing the group.
  • Give a trigger warning prior to sharing stories/experiences that people may find upsetting.
  • While we have no problem discussing issues affecting men and acknowledge that the patriarchy also hurts men, we will not tolerate people completely derailing conversations about women and their experiences to discuss how the subject in question also damages men or to tell us #NotAllMen or ask ‘what about the men?’. These sort of comments can be insensitive and misplaced. We are happy to discuss men and issues affecting them at appropriate times but not in place of women’s experiences.
  • If someone gets upset by a particular topic let us know and we will take a break from the conversation or change topic.
  • If someone finds the topic of conversation upsetting and need to leave or take a moment they are free to do so.
  • Sometimes in the meetings people share personal and sensitive information; by attending the meeting you agree that such information is confidential and will not be discussed outside the meeting (online or in person), without express permission from those involved.
  • If someone is found to be disrespectful and/or damaging the safe space atmosphere they will be asked to leave on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on what the group decide.
  • We want people to give us feedback on ways to improve and share their ideas with us.
  • We want people to enjoy our meetings and not have any negativity left over at the end, we aim to finish our meetings on a positive note and check in with all members to see how they feel before leaving.
  • Please read about our values before attending, if you don’t agree with something on it you probably shouldn’t attend!
  • We would like if everyone could abide by the ‘don’t be a dick‘ philosophy!