Our Values

Inclusive and Intersectional Feminism: The Limerick Feminist Network strives to practice a feminism that is inclusive and intersectional {the term “intersectionality” was coined by Critical Race Theorist Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989}. Not everyone suffers oppression in the same manner with race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender and level of able-bodiedness contributing to one’s experience. The Limerick Feminist Network tackles all issues from an intersectional perspective and tries to promote a diverse membership. Those from a more privileged position must acknowledge their privilege, be willing to listen to {and learn from} those from other backgrounds and not takeover spaces.

Pro-Abortion and Reproductive Rights: We believe that everyone has a right to bodily autonomy. We believe that denying people access to free, safe and legal abortions is dehumanising, insulting and wrong. Everyone should have the right to factual, unbiased information about contraception and abortion, we should also have the right to choose and access whatever contraception we believe will work for us. We acknowledge that although the Repeal Campaign was won in 2018 much work still needs to be done in the area of reproductive rights {such as exclusion zones, more GPs providing abortion services/care, removal of conscientious objection, improvement of maternity services, and any person who needs it having access to abortion services/care regardless of background or address} and we will continue to campaign for these changes and improvements.

Trans-Inclusive: The Limerick Feminist Network is a trans-inclusive group. We acknowledge that gender is not either / or but on a spectrum. Our group is open to everyone including all those from the trans and LGBTQIA community. We also respect other gender identities such as gender fluid, non-binary and a-gender. We will not tolerate any sort of transphobic or homophobic language. We will also fight for the rights and equality of people from the trans and LGBTQIA community.

Sex Positive and Sex Worker Positive: We are a sex positive organisation and we also support the decriminalisation of the sex trade in Ireland. We believe that all sexual encounters between adults should include ongoing and enthusiastic consent {from everyone involved}. We do not slut shame or victim blame. We are 100% against sex trafficking. Additionally, we acknowledge that there are people engaging in sex work out of necessity rather than desire.  We believe that it is patriarchal systems that put women in these positions and that they should be supported not criminalised or isolated.

Member-Centred: New people are always welcome to attend meetings and engage with us. We encourage our members to inform us of issues that are important to them and aim to supply members with supports and resources to raise awareness and fight for the feminist concerns they feel passionate about. Our meetings are an open, supportive and safe space for all. We encourage our members to give feedback and share ideas with us.

Respect: All members must be respectful of each other in all their interactions.  People don’t always agree, if this happens discussions must be kept civil, not personal and a person’s boundaries must not be crossed.  Should members fail to adhere to this, they may be asked to leave the group on a temporary or permanent basis. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, slut shaming, victim blaming, ableist language will not be tolerated. 

Politics/Organisations: In order to be effective in creating a gender equal and just society we will work with other organisations and networks that promote social justice concerns, equality and share our values. We would like to note that while there are a number of organisations we support at both a national and local level, we do not affiliate fully with any political party. On occasion our views may align with one or more political party/individual and we may support them for individual causes or ‘one off’ events, however, we do not fully endorse the views of any single political party/individual.