The ‘F’ Word

For those who are not aware, the definition of feminism is very simple; it is wanting the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, and holding the belief that all genders should have the same rights, respect and opportunities.

We have decided to call ourselves The Limerick Feminist Network over using words like ‘humanist’, gender, or ‘egalitarian’ as we believe those words don’t adequately describe our feelings and what we are fighting for. We live in a patriarchal society so those who do not identify as cis*, straight, white men are automatically treated as less than. Using words like humanist and/or egalitarian implies everyone is already on a level playing-field, when this is simply not the case. Feminism aims to fight against the patriarchy and bring everyone up to the same equal status. Feminism is not about being better than or above anybody else, it is not about hating men or excluding groups, it is about wanting everybody to have the same rights, respect and opportunities. Not better, just equal! We are proud to be feminists and hope to educate those around us who wish to learn more about feminism, equal rights and gender equality and also to strengthen the feminist community in Limerick and further afield.


*Cis means you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth